“Embracing Your Spiritual Warrior!”

June 29, 2011 by Debbie Heneghan and Dr Bill Clark

Are you awake to the true nature of your being? Is egoic control still finding its way into your life? Are you stuck in moving forward and you don’t know why you keep hanging in limbo even though you know you what you need to do to evolve? Then it’s time to embrace your spiritual warrior! It’s time to take a spiritual stance and surrender to your next stage of evolution!

Join Debbie and Dr. Bill as they take you on an adventure in consciousness to break the egoic bonds of separation. If you feel alone or separated from the whole of Spirit it’s not your fault! This is just part of the cosmic scheme of things and being the spiritual warrior allows us to take this journey and have faith and trust in the process of our ever emerging consciousness. We can overcome the “tyranny of trends” and be free!

Debbie and Dr. Bill continue with another discussion from Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith's book Spiritual Liberation about overcoming our egoic structure and becoming the spiritual warrior that is already innate within us! We can arise from the mist of illusion and release all that hinders, blocks, delays, or obstructs Divine Spirit from flowing through!

Call in with your questions, stories, or comments. Debbie and Dr. Bill would love to hear from you and Show Up For Spiritual Truth…..In Your Life!