Manifest YOUR Dream Life by Tapping Divine Energy! with Prasann Thakrar on Energy Healing with Krystalya

June 21, 2013 by Krystalya

Prasann Thakrar shares wisdom & insights on "Manifesting YOUR Dream Life by Tapping Divine Energy!" During the show Prasann will be talking about the Nine Simple Steps to REAL success in life. The COMPELLING benefits are that you will be able to learn EASY & SIMPLE ideas to manifest POSITIVE change in your life; changes that you may have TRIED to create before, but without success; however, this time around you will know why you were not successful & how you CAN do it now! Briefly, the Nine Simple Steps are: 1) Faith First 2) Repetiton & Discipline 3) Obsession 4) Knowing that you deserve it 5) Doing the "180 Dance" 6) Emotion Based Visualizing 7) Gratitude 8) Taking Action 9) Become a SOP; Don't remain a POP - Prasann, of course, will explain these steps to you tonight!

If you want to change your life for the better, than you MUST listen to Prasann Thakrar, who is a funny and a very dynamic expert in the relatively "new" and exciting field of bridging modern science & non-denominational spirituality. He is the #1 Best-Selling and MULTIPLE award nominated author of the genre-bending 'God = mc2?' He is also an inspirational speaker who hosted a life-transforming radio talk program entitled 'Spiritual Renaissance' on webtalkradio

To receive:

1) FREE 9 Simple Steps Guide (the ones that Prasann talks about on the air); in electronic format.

2) Free ezine

Got to: Prasann Gifts where you can also learn more about Prasann

If you call in tonight to ask a question of Prasann you will receive A COMBINATION of Gifts - Advice using Prasann's techniques (live on the air;) a free eCopy of his book AND a free subscription to his monthly e-zine..


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TRULY a unique, genre-bending work, unlike any other! It uses all kinds of entertaining, fun, and humorous pop-culture & other references such as movie quotes; lyrics from pop songs; commercials, TV shows; bumper stickers, & even the author's own personal experiences to get the message across easily & simply!

It is the #1 Best-Selling AND Multiple Indie Book Awards Nominated book that is totally changing the lives of the readers....all over the world!

This is an EXTREMELY DISCOUNTED offer - Prasann's goal is to get this book into the hands of as many readers as possible. Why? To make a PERMANENT POSITIVE impact on YOUR life!

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1) Attain Success in ALL areas of life - Money, Relationships & Love, Health, Peace of Mind, Happiness

2) Read About the SCIENTIFIC proof; or at the least, convincing evidence for the existence of God!

3) Discover why, exactly, are you here!

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