Dr. Margo Kirtikar - Spiritual Teacher on Conscious Evolution

April 17, 2012 by Dr Margo

2pm ET/7pm GMT/8pm ECT - In this my first show on a2zen.fm I will share with you my knowledge based on ancient eastern wisdom teachings about the seven octaves of vibration and levels of consciousness and human evolution. Understanding leads to intelligent behavior. Without understanding the dynamics of the hows and whys involved for example we can't possibly make the law of attraction work for us. Without understanding we can't have opinions or make intelligent decisions. As complex as our physical world is the metaphysical world is multiplex, intricate and mysterious because its invisible to the physical eye. And sometimes it might seem oxymoron, contradictory and might not make sense to you. Nevertheless, keep an open mind, and instead of judging, ask questions, again and again, it's the only way for you to expand your understanding and to find the pieces for this massive jigsaw puzzle of the miracle of life.